DBS - Satellite Transmission

The DMX satellite transmission is broadcast on Intelsat’s G-25 satellite.  Our signal on this satellite is a vertical polarity Ku band transmission at 12146 MHz. G-25 is located at 93.1 degrees west longitude.

    Note: The DMX satellite receivers must have their transponder frequency set to 422.

Intelsat has a Look Angle Calculator that can be used to identify the proper azimuth and elevation for your area.  You will need to enter the 93 degree longitude manually

Additional instructional material is available under the DBS section of DMX University.


DBS Channel Lineup

Technical Service Bulletin 2-04-2009

Birdog Users

    Please download the latest configuration file from Birdog’s website to update your alignment devices to the G-25 satellite.


    The available satellite is located beneath the “Customer Specific” heading:

KV Galaxy-25 DMX tp25



G-25 @ 93 W - Ku Band G-25 footprint(click image to download .pdf file)

published 7-18-05

updated 6-4-13